Personal Injury

Elements of Standing To Sue

A plaintiff cannot bring a lawsuit unless they have established that they have been impacted by the conduct of the entity being sued. This is called “standing.” While the requirements to show standing depend upon the applicable laws in each state, federal Constitutional law has established three main requirements for standing to bring a lawsuit:… read more

Basic Personal Injury Settlement Breakdown: How Much Goes Into My Pocket?

Experiencing a personal injury can be physically and emotionally traumatic. Navigating a personal injury claim’s legal and financial aspects adds another layer of complexity. The primary concern for many victims is, “How much of my personal injury settlement goes into my pocket?” The personal injury attorneys at Hawk Law Group can help you maximize your… read more

What Is an Ambulance Chaser?

Ambulance chasing is when lawyers or their representatives try hard to get clients after accidents or injuries. They do this in ways that can be pushy or even unfair, like going directly to accident scenes or hospitals to convince people to hire them. The term “ambulance chaser” has become a way to describe these individuals. … read more

How Much Does It Cost To Sue Someone in Georgia and Can I Make Them Pay the Court Fees?

The cost of suing someone for a personal injury is a concern that prevents many people from contacting an Augusta personal injury lawyer. However, the truth is that it might not cost you any money to sue someone in Georgia. Additionally, the court might make the person you sue pay your court costs for filing… read more

How Much Does a Lawyer Cost in Georgia?  

The biggest question most people have when encountering a legal situation is, “How much is a lawyer going to cost?”  It’s understandable that concerns about costs often keep people from seeking legal advice. Learning more about different fee structures can help you decide whether to hire a lawyer for the legal assistance you need. Lawyers… read more

9 Things You Should Know About a Free Lawyer Consultation in Georgia

If you’re considering hiring a lawyer after a car accident, workplace accident, or another type of personal injury scenario, you might be wondering if you need to pay for a consultation. Fortunately, most personal injury lawyers offer free consultations to potential clients. Here are nine things you should know about a free lawyer consultation: A… read more

What to Wear to Court in Georgia

Going to court can be nerve-wracking, especially if you’re trying to get a settlement in a personal injury case. You want to give your case the best chance of success, and dressing nicely can help to get things off on the right foot. But what should you wear to your court date in Georgia? It’s… read more

Is It Possible to Get Out of Jury Duty?

Many people dread receiving a jury duty summons in the mail. However, as a U.S. citizen, it’s your duty to serve on a jury if selected. That said, it’s possible to get out of jury duty for certain reasons. But you could face stiff consequences if you don’t have a valid and acceptable excuse and… read more

Allstate: One of the Worst Insurance Companies for Consumers?

Allstate is one of the largest personal lines insurers in the United States and the fourth-largest auto insurance company. It insures individuals against death, injury, and property loss, including personal liability for certain losses. Its annual revenue is about 40 billion dollars, and it has written more than 113 million currently valid policies.  According to… read more

The Difference Between Slip & Fall and Trip & Fall Accidents

Slip and fall. Trip and fall. People commonly use these terms interchangeably to describe some personal injury accidents where someone gets hurt. These accidents account for nearly one-fifth of all work-related deaths. While it might seem like there’s a distinction without a difference, these two terms have different legal meanings. Speak with a skilled personal… read more