Mr. Hawk is Outstanding and his Organization took my Case when it appeared to me that Michael Hostelo was trying to allow my window for filing a claim against Wiener Trucking. For instance, my Medical Bills were over nine thousand dollars, but Call=Mike told to me accept the $10,000 offer. When the window was closing, I perceived that Call Mike was working with the Insurance company, so I Called the Bulter High School Bulldog, Vic Hawk.

Mr. Hawk didn’t treat me with Contempt. He didn’t think that was a Second Class Citizen. Mr Hawk knew I was a Frist Class Citizen who deserved Equity and Fair Play. He worked hard to get me a First Class Settlement. On the other hand, Call-Mike played Rap Music and performing in his Commercials while he was Selling me Out to the Insurance Company.

Christ said the truth shall sit One Free. Mr. Hawk Honored his words by coming through for me. However, it appeared that Call-Mike lacked Honor, because he was working for the Insurance Company. Call-Mike was not working for me. But Call-Mike led me to the Honorable Bulldog Vic Hawk. God Bless One America!!!