Right from the start when I went in for a free consultation, I knew Shawn Merzlak was the lawyer for me! Every question I had it’s like he answered without me asking. He is very knowledgeable in what he does and very intelligent. This was my first time ever being in legal trouble. I was expecting to “shop” around for the perfect lawyer but luckily the hawk law firm was a one-stop shop. Shawn guided me through the process of what was going to happen and what I should expect. He was on top of my case! Never once did I feel like I had to push him to do his job. He was calling me telling me this or that was done I was shocked. An affordable lawyer that wants what’s best for you and will fight for that. Almost unbelievable right? Not with Shawn, it isn’t. I was also expecting to have to take classes and possibly be put on brief probation with a few fines. My case was dismissed after the first hearing thanks to Shawn. My background looks perfect once again I won’t have to worry about jobs or companies running background checks on me anymore. I highly recommend Shawn Merzlak to anyone with legal troubles 5/5 10/10