Most Dangerous Roads/Intersections in Evans, GA

Evans has a relatively good traffic record. It has a lower rate of fatal car accidents than Georgia’s state average. Evans sees between five and ten traffic fatalities every year. Statewide, a city the size of Evans should see about 50% more fatal accidents annually than it does.

More broadly, Columbia County faces about 2,650 accidents every year. About 50 of those will result in fatalities or life-threatening injuries, such as brain injuries. Another 1,100 accidents will cause non-life-threatening injuries, such as broken bones and torn muscles.

Here is some information about the most dangerous roads and intersections in Evans, GA.

Dangerous Roads and Intersections in Evans, GA

Dangerous Roads and Intersections in Evans, GA

Although Evans sees a below-average number of fatal traffic accidents, accidents that do take place tend to cluster around a few roads and intersections. 

For context, just five roads accounted for over 40 traffic fatalities and hundreds of accidents in and near Evans in the past 15 years. And one intersection alone accounts for at least three fatalities.

Hereford Farm Road

Hereford Farm Road forms one of the boundaries of Evans. It also provides a major route connecting neighborhoods that lie west of Evans with the city center.

The posted speed limit for Hereford Farm Road is 45 miles per hour. But drivers often exceed the speed limit on this road because it has no traffic signals, stop signs, or sharp curves until it reaches Evans.

The road also has no protected left-turn lane. As a result, drivers turning left from Hereford Farm Road need to wait in an active traffic lane for oncoming traffic to clear. 

The road also lacks passing lanes, encouraging drivers to make risky moves into oncoming traffic when drivers want to pass slower vehicles.

Over the past 15 years, six people have died and dozens more were injured in traffic accidents that took place on Hereford Farm Road.

Belair Road/GA-383

Belair Road/GA-383 provides a major north-south route through Evans. It also connects Evans to I-20.

Fatal accidents have occurred all along Belair Road/GA-383 from its northern end at Highway 28 down past I-20. But the greatest concentration of accidents happens between Cox Road, just south of downtown Evans, and the interstate.

Traffic is heavy through this section. The road has two lanes in each direction, in addition to a protected left-turn lane. The posted speed limit is 45 miles per hour, but most drivers speed on this section of Belair Road/GA-383.

The width of the road and high speeds combine to create a hazardous situation for pedestrians. Since 2005, four fatal pedestrian accidents have happened on Belair Road/GA-383. Including the four pedestrians, 14 road users have died on this section of road, while hundreds of others have been injured.

The intersections with Cox Road/Owens Road and Columbia Road/GA-232 (discussed later) account for about half of these road deaths.

Cox Road connects Hereford Farm Road to Belair Road/GA-383. It is less than a mile long. But this road has been the site of four fatal accidents, including two fatal pedestrian accidents and dozens of injury-only accidents over the past 15 years.

Cox Road runs in front of Evans High School. This could account for the high number of pedestrian and car accidents along the short stretch of road.

Columbia Road/GA-232

Columbia Road/GA-232 connects I-20 to US-221. It provides a way for motorists to bypass traffic on I-20 heading east and west.

Speed, careless driving, or intoxicated driving cause most of the accidents on this road. The wide road tempts drivers to travel much faster than the posted speed limit of 45 miles per hour.

From Washington Road to Old Belair Road, eight fatal accidents and dozens of non-fatal accidents have happened on Columbia Road/GA-232.

Washington Road

Washington Road runs southeast-northwest through the heart of Evans. The road connects Evans to I-20 and intersects most of the major roads in and near Evans.

Washington Road continues past Evans to Clarks Hill Lake. As a result, this major road sees a lot of local and tourist traffic heading out to the lake. It has two lanes in each direction and a posted speed limit of 45 miles per hour.

Between I-20 and the Evans city limits, 19 road users have died, and hundreds of road users have been injured in car and pedestrian accidents since 2005. This makes Washington Road the deadliest road in Evans.

William Few Parkway/Hardy McManus Road

William Few Parkway/Hardy McManus Road is different from the other roads on this list. This road winds past wooded neighborhoods, parks, and schools. Except for the intersection with Washington Road, this road has very few businesses.

Despite its peaceful appearance, this road has seen nine fatal accidents and dozens of injury-only accidents in the past 15 years. The road only has one lane in each direction. Drivers who want to pass slower traffic must cross into an oncoming lane.

The speed limit on this road is 45 miles per hour, but the road has several intersections with cross-traffic. Many of the accidents on William Few Parkway/Hardy McManus Road happened when motorists turned onto or off of the road.

Intersection of Columbia Road/GA-232 and Belair Road/GA-383

Evans has several dangerous intersections. But the most dangerous location occurs at the intersection of Columbia Road/GA-232 and Belair Road/GA-383. This intersection has been the site of six fatal accidents and seven fatalities.

The most severe accident happened in 2018 when a drunk driver killed two victims and injured eight others in a four-car crash near this intersection.

Navigating the Most Dangerous Roads/Intersections in Evans, GA

Not surprisingly, the most dangerous roads and intersections in Evans, GA, are major thoroughfares. You may not be able to avoid them while traveling around Evans.

But you can avoid becoming one of the fatalities by wearing a seat belt, slowing down, and driving sober. Over one-third of the fatalities in Columbia County were not wearing a seatbelt. About half of the accidents involved a driver who was impaired, speeding, or both.

If you’ve been in an accident in or near Evans, GA, you don’t have to face the repercussions on your own. 

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