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Is It Possible to Get Out of Jury Duty?

Many people dread receiving a jury duty summons in the mail. However, as a U.S. citizen, it’s your duty to serve on a jury if selected. That said, it’s possible to get out of jury duty for certain reasons. But you could face stiff consequences if you don’t have a valid and acceptable excuse and… read more

The National Trial Lawyers Names Allen “Kip” McAlister a Top 100 Trial Lawyer in Georgia

Hawk Law Group is ecstatic to announce that The National Trial Lawyers has named Attorney Allen “Kip” McAlister a Top 100 Trial Lawyer in the State of Georgia in the civil trial lawyer category. The National Trial Lawyers is a prominent, invitation-only legal organization comprised of the top trial lawyers in each state or appropriate… read more

Are You Suffering from PTSD After a Car Crash?

A car accident can cause physical trauma. These injuries can temporarily or permanently disable you from working, managing a home, and caring for your personal needs. But crashes also traumatize you mentally. Mental trauma can take many forms, including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). This anxiety disorder is not imaginary or “all in your head.” Changes… read more

Are Lane Splitting & Lane Filtering Legal in Georgia?

Motorcycle riding is popular in Georgia, and with good reason — riding is fun, exciting, and social. However, it can also be dangerous in certain circumstances. As such, motorcycle riders are expected to follow the same rules of the road as other drivers, with some additional laws devised specifically for motorcyclists. Among these, it’s illegal… read more

Allstate: One of the Worst Insurance Companies for Consumers?

Allstate is one of the largest personal lines insurers in the United States and the fourth-largest auto insurance company. It insures individuals against death, injury, and property loss, including personal liability for certain losses. Its annual revenue is about 40 billion dollars, and it has written more than 113 million currently valid policies.  According to… read more

Valsartan Lawsuit

Valsartan (Diovan) is a popular prescription medication used to treat high blood pressure and congestive heart failure. Consumers have filed thousands of lawsuits against one manufacturer and several retailers of Valsartan due to contamination of some batches with a cancer-causing agent. A New Jersey federal court is administering these lawsuits to make it easier for… read more

The Mirena Crash Is Real, and It’s Affecting Countless Women

Planned Parenthood describes Mirena as one of the most effective hormonal intrauterine devices (IUDs) available. Like other hormonal IUDs, Mirena is inserted into a woman’s uterus and acts as a form of contraception. Once implanted, Mirena steadily releases the hormone progesterone, reducing pregnancy risk.  Planned Parenthood claims that Mirena is nearly 100 percent effective. Unlike… read more

SCDMV Collision Reports: What You Need to Know

After a major car wreck in South Carolina, you will likely need a copy of the accident report. Your insurance company may want to see the accident report as part of its investigation into a claim. Or you and your car accident lawyer may need to review a crash report to evaluate whether you should… read more

Who Is at Fault in a Car Accident T-Bone?

On South Carolina’s streets and highways, intersections are breeding grounds for car accidents. After all, crashes and collisions are a constant risk whenever cars and trucks approach each other at angles that make it difficult for drivers to see one another.  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s statistics show that these collisions occur and frequently… read more

Types of Commercial Driver’s Licenses

Commercial Driver’s Licenses allow people to drive large trucks and other commercial vehicles, such as buses. CDLs are required to drive 18-wheelers, big rigs, tractor trailers, and semi-trucks. The driver must have specialized training and knowledge to operate these vehicles.  There are three types of Commercial Driver’s Licenses In Georgia: Class A Commercial Driver’s License… read more