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How Are Pain and Suffering Damages Calculated?

When you win a settlement or damage award for your injuries, you may generally receive compensation for two types of losses.  Economic losses include all of the ways your injuries affect your finances. Non-economic losses encompass how your injuries affect your quality of life. Pain and suffering damages fall under non-economic damages. Here is some… read more

Should I Hire a Lawyer After a Minor Car Accident in Aiken County?

No one can tell you when to hire a lawyer. Many insurance claims are resolved without the involvement of a lawyer. Non-lawyers can even get a fair settlement in a lawsuit without hiring representation. But these outcomes represent outliers. Most of the time, you will get a better resolution in your personal injury case if… read more

What to Know About Car Accident Reports in Edgefield County, SC

Car accident reports can provide valuable information to you and your lawyer after your crash. These reports list everyone involved in the accident and the insurers for each vehicle. You will need this information to pursue injury compensation. South Carolina law requires accident reports in all accidents that result in injury, death, or property damage… read more

How to Write a Settlement Demand Letter

A settlement demand letter is a letter from someone with a personal injury claim (or their lawyer) to the party responsible for paying that claim, typically an insurance company. Your claim might arise from a car accident, a slip and fall accident, medical malpractice, or some other cause of injury. The purpose of a settlement… read more

Facts About Road Rash

Road rash is a common injury that accident victims can experience after a motorcycle accident, pedestrian accident, or bicycle accident. Road rash can expose you to infection and even leave you permanently disfigured. Here are some facts about road rash and how you can seek compensation for a road rash injury. Your Skin Your skin… read more

4 Things You Didn’t Know About Semi Trucks

Semi-trucks are some of the largest vehicles that travel on the roadways in the U.S. These enormous trucks transport materials and goods to keep the nation’s economy going. They deliver food and supplies to stores and restaurants across the country.  However, commercial truck accidents are some of the most dangerous traffic collisions that occur.  Victims… read more

Why Do Rear-End Collisions Happen in Evans, GA and Who’s to Blame?

One of the most common car accidents in Georgia is the rear-end collision. You might believe that the rear driver always causes a rear-end collision. But some rear-end collisions result from negligence by the front driver. Here are some facts about why rear-end collisions happen in Evans, GA, and who bears the blame. Rear-End Collisions… read more

Driving Without a License Versus Driving Without a License on Your Person in Augusta

Driving without a valid license and driving without a license on your person are both chargeable offenses in Georgia. However, the offenses are very different. Knowing the difference between the two is important for drivers. Driving Without a Valid Driver’s License in Georgia All individuals driving in Georgia are required to have a valid driver’s… read more

Is Lane Splitting Legal in Thomson, GA?

Every motorcyclist has been stuck in slow-moving or stopped traffic. Standard vehicles have no option but to sit and wait out the delay. However, motorcycles are smaller than cars, and it can be tempting for a biker to look for a faster way out.  One option for escaping a traffic jam on a motorcycle is… read more

What is the Difference Between Express and Implied Consent?

While there are a few exceptions, in most cases, medical providers cannot perform procedures on you without your express informed consent. In some cases, though, implied consent is sufficient to give permission. It’s easy to confuse express and implied consent.  Express consent is given through written permission or verbal agreement. Healthcare workers need a patient’s… read more