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Rear-end crashes occur when a vehicle hits the vehicle in front of them. These are common car accidents in Waynesboro, GA, but that doesn’t make it any easier for you. If another person’s negligence caused you harm, you deserve to be fairly compensated for the losses you have suffered as a result. 

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How Can a Waynesboro Car Accident Attorney at Hawk Law Group Help After a Rear-End Crash?

How Can a Waynesboro Car Accident Attorney at Hawk Law Group Help After a Rear-End Crash?

Our Waynesboro car accident lawyers have over 71 years of collective experience. We also have results that show firsthand what we are capable of achieving, including a $30 million verdict in one case and the highest personal injury verdict in Jenkins County history. 

Our extensive experience has shown us what matters in representing personal injury victims in Waynesboro, Georgia:

  • Strong evidence – We begin our services by conducting a thorough investigation into the accident. We can identify, gather, and preserve strong evidence to prove the essential elements of your claim.
  • Compassion – Our lawyers treat you like family. We know how difficult it can be after you are unexpectedly injured, and we’ll provide you with the emotional support and compassion you need during this time. 
  • A customized legal strategy – Our team knows that every case is different, so we prepare a customized legal strategy for each case. 
  • An accurate assessment of damages – We can identify the long-term effects your injuries may have on your life to ensure we negotiate for a proper amount of damages. 
  • Tough negotiation – Insurance adjusters are not interested in making you whole after an accident. Instead, they want to minimize the value of your claim as much as possible. We can safeguard your interests by aggressively negotiating for the compensation you deserve. 

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How Common Are Rear-End Collisions in Georgia? 

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that, nationally, rear-end collisions make up approximately 29% of all accidents. 

In Georgia, rear-end collisions are even more common. The Georgia Crash Portal revealed that 138,260 rear-end crashes occurred in 2021, making up a whopping 44% of the total number of traffic collisions that year. In Waynesboro, 40 of the 155 motor vehicle collisions were classified as rear-end collisions. 

Why Do Rear-End Accidents Occur?

Rear-end accidents can occur for the same reasons as any other type of motor vehicle collision. 

Some common causes of rear-end accidents include: 

  • Following too closely – Rear-end accidents are more likely to occur when the driver in the rear vehicle is following closely to the vehicle in front of them. If the front vehicle brakes or stops, the rear driver may not have enough time to brake in order to avoid a collision. 
  • Distractions – Many rear-end accidents occur because of distractions, according to the Georgia Crash Portal. Cell phone use is one of the most common causes of rear-end car accidents.
  • Impairment – Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is responsible for a significant number of car crashes every year. Drugs and/or alcohol can slow reflexes and affect depth perception. 
  • Speeding – Drivers who are speeding have less time to stop to avoid a collision. 
  • Heavy traffic – The Georgia Crash Data Portal reports that a significant number of rear-end collisions occur between 4 and 6 p.m.
  • Secondary crashes – Some rear-end collisions occur when a vehicle that is hit from behind rams into a nearby vehicle. 

No matter the cause of the crash, rear-end collisions can cause significant injuries. 

What Are Common Rear-End Accident Injuries?

In a rear-end crash, whiplash injuries are common due to the sudden back-and-forth motions of occupants in the leading vehicle. The neck and back may hyperextend as a result, which can result in whiplash. 

Other soft tissue injuries are common in rear-end accidents, too. Accident victims who are thrown about the vehicle or into a hard surface may suffer other injuries, such as traumatic brain injuries, fractures, and facial injuries.

Liability For Rear-End Collisions in Waynesboro, GA

In most rear-end car accidents, the driver that is following is found at fault for the crash. This is because Georgia law states that the driver in the rear vehicle must not follow another vehicle “more closely than is reasonable and prudent,” considering the speed and traffic conditions. 

If the rear driver crashes into the vehicle in front of it, it may be because the rear driver was following too closely. 

However, there are some circumstances in which the driver of the vehicle in front may be found at fault for the accident, such as if that driver caused the accident intentionally by brake checking, had mechanical issues, or was reversing at the time of the collision. 

Proving who is at fault for a rear-end accident may require proof, such as:

  • Accident reports
  • Independent witness statements
  • Photos or videos of the accident scene
  • Medical records that indicate injuries consistent with rear-end accidents
  • Cell phone records

An experienced Waynesboro injury lawyer will know how to identify and preserve compelling evidence. 

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