We had an unfair, unfortunate event that happened. We consulted with many attorney’s about our case. Shawn Merzlak was by far the best attorney for us because he thoroughly explained his plan for us and had the confidence and legal know-how to get our case resolved. He showed more compassion than any other attorney and made me feel confident and better about our legal matter, which could’ve been long and drawn out. He talked to me often and kept me up to date on every step of the process. He worked in a very timely manner and understood that we were ready to move on with life. I would recommend him to anyone who has any type of legal matter that needs to be taken care of with the best possible outcome.


Shawn was the right choice for me in my greatest time of need. He was responsive, knowledgeable, and well respected in the legal community. Very personable and from our meetings and phone calls I can tell he is not only an honorable Lawyer but a good man. I am glad that I trusted him to do a good job, which he delivered on.


I want to thank you for all you did for my husband and I regarding our car accident. You and your team went above and beyond- taking care of my medical bills with the insurance company and Medicare. You’re easy to work with, and I must say the whole thing was taken care of without causing me any stress or anxiety. Our visit to your office was professional and at the same time comfortable. Thank you again for all your help, and I will recommend you and your team to anyone I know who asks me who to go to for legal assistance.


On the wee hours of the morning I was in a major car accident on May 6, 2009 which I was thrown out of the window of the passenger side of a car. I was left with two shattered femur bones, fractured neck, and fractured right arm. Thank God I’m still alive to tell this story, but it was one of the worst experiences of my life!!! The bright side of the whole situation was that I had a great team of lawyers working for me in the process of suing the drunk driver and the owner of the car I was in. Friends of mine recommended this law firm and Vic Hawk because they were close friends with him and he had handled cases for them. It’s funny that they recommended him because my parents were clients of one of the lawyer in this firm. I remember loving coming to this office because they would have a box of toys they would give away that were gently used. My brother and I got some good toys from that box and loved them for a long time. Vic Hawk is a very busy man handling several cases in the CSRA, so a lot of time I was unable to see him but he has a great team of people who help him with his cases and investigate things that need to be done. I met with about 3 people on his team, one of them being another lawyer in the firm, Reid Sanders. I had a hard time remember a lot of the details with the accident and that made it hard to tell what exactly happened because I was knocked unconscious as the other car ran into the back of us. I only remember seeing headlights in the windshield, the impact, and me waking up in the grass with both of my knees facing each other!!!! OUCH!!! The paralegal that was handling the case kept asking me questions about the accident but I just couldn’t remember anything. This really aggravated me because he would not let up. I did win both cases and was awarded two settlements, but that was only half of the work because I had to go to physical therapy and learn to walk again. I would have to crawl around on my butt to get around. My whole life was put on hold because of this. Let’s not talk about the pain either!!! It was hard for me to sit for long periods of time and move around without extreme pain. It was quite a humbling experience but thank God for a great team of lawyers to get the work done with professionalism and tact. This experience could not have been any better without their hard work. This was my very first time dealing with lawyers and suing someone and now I have a very high expectations of lawyers from here on out.


Good people who care about their clients


He’s very thorough and let’s just say he gets the job done!!


Mr. Hawk is Outstanding and his Organization took my Case when it appeared to me that Michael Hostelo was trying to allow my window for filing a claim against Wiener Trucking. For instance, my Medical Bills were over nine thousand dollars, but Call=Mike told to me accept the $10,000 offer. When the window was closing, I perceived that Call Mike was working with the Insurance company, so I Called the Bulter High School Bulldog, Vic Hawk.

Mr. Hawk didn’t treat me with Contempt. He didn’t think that was a Second Class Citizen. Mr Hawk knew I was a Frist Class Citizen who deserved Equity and Fair Play. He worked hard to get me a First Class Settlement. On the other hand, Call-Mike played Rap Music and performing in his Commercials while he was Selling me Out to the Insurance Company.

Christ said the truth shall sit One Free. Mr. Hawk Honored his words by coming through for me. However, it appeared that Call-Mike lacked Honor, because he was working for the Insurance Company. Call-Mike was not working for me. But Call-Mike led me to the Honorable Bulldog Vic Hawk. God Bless One America!!!

Donald L.

There’s a lot involved when you’re injured in a car wreck. You will need the prowess of a Hawk when an accident happens. Group yourself together, and speak to any one of these fantastic people! I did, and I’m forever grateful that someone “Chace’d” all avenues! GET THE GROUP; the Hawk Law Group!

Christopher C.

Everyone was very helpful and prompt with my case. Any questions I had were always answered quickly and they made sure I was well take care of during my case.

Jessica C.

Caring and professional. Took care of all my family needs.The atmosphere was friendly, caring and family oriented. Professional, smiling faces all the times.I would highly recommend this firm.1

Suzette R.

Right from the start when I went in for a free consultation, I knew Shawn Merzlak was the lawyer for me! Every question I had it’s like he answered without me asking. He is very knowledgeable in what he does and very intelligent. This was my first time ever being in legal trouble. I was expecting to “shop” around for the perfect lawyer but luckily the hawk law firm was a one-stop shop. Shawn guided me through the process of what was going to happen and what I should expect. He was on top of my case! Never once did I feel like I had to push him to do his job. He was calling me telling me this or that was done I was shocked. An affordable lawyer that wants what’s best for you and will fight for that. Almost unbelievable right? Not with Shawn, it isn’t. I was also expecting to have to take classes and possibly be put on brief probation with a few fines. My case was dismissed after the first hearing thanks to Shawn. My background looks perfect once again I won’t have to worry about jobs or companies running background checks on me anymore. I highly recommend Shawn Merzlak to anyone with legal troubles 5/5 10/10

Tim F.

If you are ever in need of a lawyer. This is something we never know. l would highly recommend Victor Hawk and Group because Mr. Hawk has been around for a long time he is well like and respect in our community. Mr. Hawk and his stuff make you feel comfortable and relax and that means a lot to me and Mr. Hawk has two more locations Thomson and Augusta. If you get down and can’t get out. Don’t hesitate and give the Hawk law Group a call.

Debra D.