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Traffic and Red Light Cameras in Augusta, GA

Augusta, Georgia, is a beautiful city, complete with an enriching culture and a strong sense of community. With that said, the area and its population are growing at an astonishing rate, which can lead to more crashes, injuries, and fatalities, given factors like more congested roadways.  In a recent year, there were over 18,000 crashes… read more

Car Accident Reports in Augusta, GA: FAQs

Augusta, GA, is no stranger to car accidents. It’s important to remember that in Augusta, you have to report these accidents. It’s not just a good thing to do; it’s the law. This rule helps keep our roads safer and ensures everyone involved in an accident receives fair treatment. Understanding when to report a car… read more

An Honest Evaluation of a Slip and Fall Case in Augusta, GA

When considering the merits of a slip and fall accident case, an honest evaluation must account for several factors. Slips and falls may seem simple, but they can be quite complex under the law. Our Augusta personal injury lawyers know how to assess and calculate your chance of success. Understanding Slip and Fall Accidents A… read more

Causes & Symptoms of Cephalohematoma

A baby’s body is particularly sensitive, leaving babies prone to suffering several types of injuries, particularly during birth. One of the most common kinds of birth injuries in newborns is cephalohematoma. If your child suffers from cephalohematoma in Georgia, you may be entitled to pursue compensation. A birth injury lawyer can review the specifics of… read more

Consequences of Using Your Cell Phone While Driving in Georgia

Everyone knows that using a cell phone while driving can increase the chance of being in an accident. However, it’s important to take a good look at the legal and financial consequences that come along with using your cell phone while driving in Georgia.  Even if you think you can get away with quickly shooting… read more

Diminished Value Accident Claims

Car accidents sometimes injure people, but they almost always cause property damage. When newer model cars often count their value in the tens of thousands of dollars, even non-injury car accidents can be expensive. “Diminished value” is one way to measure the damage.   Measuring Your Loss  First, a little context. Cost of repairs, “totaled,” and… read more

Elements of Standing To Sue

A plaintiff cannot bring a lawsuit unless they have established that they have been impacted by the conduct of the entity being sued. This is called “standing.” While the requirements to show standing depend upon the applicable laws in each state, federal Constitutional law has established three main requirements for standing to bring a lawsuit:… read more

Common Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents

The National Safety Council (NSC) reports that accidents involving falls accounted for 42,114 fatalities in 2020. Only traffic accidents equal them in terms of lethality. And for those that survive, many must face the pain and suffering of injuries and their effects on a victim’s life and livelihood.  Fortunately, compensation is available for many of… read more

What Is a Coup Contrecoup Brain Injury?

Brain injuries are among some of the worst injuries a person can suffer, as they can result in severe, life-altering consequences.  Of the many types of brain injuries, a coup contrecoup injury is one of the worst, leaving victims to face long, challenging roads to recovery. If you or a loved one suffered a brain… read more

Typical Neck and Back Injuries Caused by Car Accidents in Georgia

Car accidents can be life-altering, especially when they result in neck and back injuries. These types of injuries can have long-term, devastating effects on a person’s life. Victims can lose their ability to work, enjoy daily activities, and maintain financial stability.  Suppose you’ve been involved in a car accident in Georgia. It’s vital to understand… read more