Georgia’s traffic laws are designed to promote the safety of all motorists and pedestrians. By obeying these laws, you can minimize your chances of being involved in a car accident.

You already know that you can’t drink and drive or exceed the speed limit. However, you may be wondering whether is it illegal to drive barefoot in Georgia. You can, in fact, lawfully drive without shoes in GA. 

This overview will cover some reasons why people choose to drive barefoot. It will also explain why driving without shoes might increase your chances of an accident.

Why Do Some People Drive Barefoot in Georgia?

The main reason people drive barefoot is simple: it feels more comfortable to them than driving with shoes. Some even believe that driving barefoot makes them safer. They argue that allowing the surface of their feet to touch the pedals gives them greater sensory control over the pedal.

Others prefer bare feet to high heels or wet sandals, believing it to be unsafe to drive in the latter footwear. In rare cases, driving without shoes may be preferable to driving with inappropriate footwear.

If you must drive barefoot, take the following precautions:

  • Store your footwear in the backseat
  • Monitor your driving habits to determine if you’re a safer driver while barefoot
  • Stop driving if you feel your feet slipping from the pedals

It may be best to keep a pair of driving-friendly shoes in your vehicle at all times. There’s good reason to believe driving in the proper footwear is safer than driving barefoot.

Safety Issues with Driving Barefoot

The law may not forbid driving barefoot. However, law enforcement agencies tend to discourage the practice.

Footwear will typically have some form of tread on it. This tread allows shoes to grip pedals better than bare feet. Additionally, sweat can increase the odds of your feet slipping off the pedals.

Many drivers kick off their shoes to drive barefoot. The shoes remain in or near the floor of the driver’s seat. In these cases, a driver’s shoes may get stuck under one of the pedals, preventing them from accelerating or braking to avoid an accident.

Driving barefoot is a particularly bad idea when you’re driving long distances. Over time, gripping the pedals with your bare feet will cause foot pain. This may limit your ability to apply pressure when needed.

Don’t read this blog and assume it’s legal to ride a motorcycle barefoot. Barefoot driving is only legal in cars and similar enclosed vehicles.

However, if you are involved in a car accident, you might be entitled to less compensation due to driving barefoot. Georgia uses a modified comparative negligence system. These rules reduce an injury victim’s compensation when they contribute to their accident. 

An insurance company or jury might find that you are partially responsible for your accident due to driving without shoes. An insurance company, in particular, might claim you lost control of your vehicle because you were not driving with proper footwear. This is yet another reason to avoid driving in bare feet. It’s a simple way to stay safe and avoid receiving less compensation in a car accident claim.

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