It’s no secret that car accidents are a leading cause of personal injuries and fatalities across South Carolina. If you’re a motorist, it’s essential to prioritize safety features when choosing a car or when visiting a mechanic for your latest tune-up. 

Over the past few years, advanced technology has allowed for the development of numerous safety features for drivers and passengers that can help prevent accidents, minimize injuries, and save lives. 


Airbags are one of the most essential features in a car and a staple of motorist safety. These inflatable cushions are designed to protect passengers in the event of a collision by deploying quickly and providing a barrier between the passenger’s head and the hard surfaces of the car. 

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) states that airbags can reduce the risk of a fatality in a frontal collision by 14%. In addition, the combination of seatbelts and airbags can reduce the risk of death by up to 61%.

Modern cars typically have multiple airbags installed, including frontal, side, and curtain airbags. Some vehicles even have knee airbags to protect the lower extremities during a crash. Sensors can detect the sudden deceleration of the car and deploy within milliseconds to provide protection. 

Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)

The modern braking systems in most vehicles can prevent the wheels from locking up when a driver applies the brakes suddenly, especially when traveling at high speeds. These systems can help the car avoid skidding out of control.

Through the car’s computer, ABS can monitor wheel speed and automatically adjust the brake pressure to prevent the wheels from locking up.

According to the NHTSA, cars equipped with ABS have a 33% lower risk of being involved in a fatal crash. In addition, vehicles with ABS are 56% less likely to be involved in a single-vehicle crash than those without ABS.

Electronic Stability Control (ESC)

Like anti-lock brakes, ESCs are a safety feature that helps drivers maintain control of their vehicle when making sudden or evasive maneuvers. Should the car begin to skid or slide, the automated system applies the brakes to individual wheels to help stabilize the vehicle.

ESC has proven to be highly effective in preventing accidents and injuries. According to a study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), cars equipped with ESC were involved in 25% fewer fatal crashes than those without the feature.

Blind Spot Monitoring System (BSM)

If you drive a modern vehicle, BSM systems are powerful safety features that alert drivers about potential vehicles or hazards in their blind spots.

BSM technology relies on sensors and cameras to detect other vehicles that may be out of the driver’s field of vision. It also alerts them using a warning light or an audible alert. Lane change accidents are common when it comes to car crashes, but a BSM system can help prevent serious crashes when drivers change lanes or merge into traffic.

Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS)

Lane Departure Warning Systems are a safety feature that alerts drivers when they drift out of their lane. When a driver drifts out of the lane, the system deploys an audible or visual warning.

LDWS can be especially useful on long drives, when a driver may become fatigued and swerve in and out of the lane or road. According to the IIHS, cars with LDWS have a 21% lower involvement rate in severe collisions.

Car Safety Features Save Lives

If you’re a motorist in Edgefield County, you know how dangerous the roads can be. Whether you’re a daily commuter or you only drive on the weekends, up-to-date safety features can significantly reduce injuries and fatalities in the event of a car crash. 

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