Ambulance chasing is when lawyers or their representatives try hard to get clients after accidents or injuries. They do this in ways that can be pushy or even unfair, like going directly to accident scenes or hospitals to convince people to hire them. The term “ambulance chaser” has become a way to describe these individuals. 

The practice of ambulance chasing is not respected because many ambulance chasers care more about making money than helping their clients. However, it’s important to know that not all legal professionals behave this way. In fact, many personal injury attorneys work hard to provide ethical legal services and help their clients get fair compensation.

What Do Ambulance Chasers Do?

Ambulance chasers often emerge in the aftermath of accidents, employing aggressive pursuits of potential clients. Some ambulance chasers stop at nothing to secure cases that can yield financial gain. 

They promise quick compensation and justice, preying upon victims’ desperation for help. Some may even stoop to bribery, offering money or incentives to sway victims into signing legal agreements. It’s a disturbing game where the chase is everything and ethical boundaries mean nothing. 

Is Ambulance Chasing Illegal or Unethical?

When discussing whether something is ethical, we look at rules that lawyers must follow. Ambulance chasing is against these rules and is unethical as a result. 

And regarding whether something is illegal, a key place to look is the applicable state law. Georgia has a law on the books that specifically makes ambulance chasing illegal. This means they can’t personally target vulnerable people who need help to make money. If they do, they could be subject to criminal penalties.

This behavior undermines the integrity of the legal profession, tarnishes its reputation, and preys upon individuals when they are most in need of support.

Ambulance Chasing Is Unacceptable

It’s important to understand that ambulance chasing is not okay. It’s both illegal and unethical in Georgia, and it goes against what the legal profession should be about. It damages the reputation of lawyers trying to do good and help their clients. We should support attorneys who work ethically and genuinely care about protecting their clients’ rights and well-being.

After an Accident

After an accident, such as a car crash, survivors are in a vulnerable position. Sadly, some ambulance chasers take advantage of this and use terrible tactics to get clients. They might make deals with doctors to get paid for referring accident victims. 

They may also go way beyond what’s right by stalking and harassing clients at their workplaces, homes, and other personal places. It’s unfair to exploit people when they need help the most and shows a lack of care for their well-being.

How To Avoid Ambulance Chasers

If you’ve recently been involved in an accident and want to steer clear of ambulance chasers, recognizing their behavior can save you a headache in the future.

Here are some indicators to watch for when identifying someone who might be an ambulance chaser.

  • They are aggressive
  • They lack professionalism
  • Have credibility issues
  • They are strangers
  • Use pressure tactics
  • Unwanted contact

Ambulance chasers may try to bribe or contact you without your consent. They often don’t show genuine concern or transparency and might use pressure tactics to get you to hire them. If they are strangers, that’s also a sign to be cautious.

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