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Vaping Laws in South Carolina

Vaping is the practice of inhaling an aerosol that contains nicotine, flavorings, and other chemicals. Devices used to create the aerosol include: Vape pens E-cigarettes Pod system Vape mod Disposable vaping devices Other electronic devices with fillable tanks Unfortunately, vaping has been associated with several lung illnesses. In addition, some individuals were injured when e-cigarettes… read more

How Do Parents Evict Their Adult Children in South Carolina?

Adult children are living in their parents’ homes for more extended periods nowadays. Some adult children do not leave home, while others return home after a brief period on their own. Whatever the reason might be for an adult child to live with their parents, there could come a time when the parents must take… read more

South Carolina Car and Booster Seat Laws

Every parent remembers their first car ride with their baby. Bringing home a newborn for the first time is a tender and emotional moment. Some babies love their car seats, and others hate them. But all good parents appreciate the safety these products offer. However, the seat must be used properly to guarantee that safety…. read more