After a major car wreck in South Carolina, you will likely need a copy of the accident report. Your insurance company may want to see the accident report as part of its investigation into a claim. Or you and your car accident lawyer may need to review a crash report to evaluate whether you should file a lawsuit.

However, obtaining a crash report from the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles (SCDMV) can be a little daunting if you’re not sure how to start.

Information Contained in an SCDMV Crash Report

The SCDMV collision report is a more detailed report than the initial one completed by law enforcement officers at the crash scene. One helpful section of these reports identifies the individuals involved in the crash. Each driver, motorcyclist, bicyclist, or pedestrian involved will be identified and assigned a unit number for reference.

The report will list the names, physical descriptors, addresses and telephone numbers, insurance companies, and driver’s license numbers of the involved parties. The report will also identify whether their actions contributed in any way to the crash.

The report will also include a description of how the accident occurred. This includes a description of where the various involved parties were before the crash and what happened to cause the crash. The individuals involved will be referred to by their unit numbers.

The report will describe the estimated extent of any property damage, including damage to the vehicles involved. The report will be signed by the officer who prepared the report.

Finally, the second page of the report will contain information that might help support an insurance claim or lawsuit. This information includes the following:

  • Whether any person was administered a drug or alcohol test and any results
  • Whether any driver violated any traffic laws
  • Whether any vehicle had a defect that could have played a role in the crash

The wealth of information in a collision report could be useful to injured individuals and their lawyers as they evaluate their cases.

How to Obtain an SCDMV Accident Report

There are three ways to obtain a copy of your SCDMV accident report. The first and easiest way is to request a copy of the report online. You do this by visiting the department’s public services web page. There, you can click on the link labeled “Request a Collision Report.”

If you are not comfortable requesting the report online, you may download a Form FR-50 from the department’s website. You may then complete this form and mail it to the address displayed on the form. You will need to include a $6.00 research fee with your request.

You may also complete the FR-50 and take it personally to your nearest DMV office. There, you can hand the form to the clerk and pay the $6.00 research fee.

When You Cannot Obtain a DMV Crash Report Online

A crash report may not be immediately available following your wreck. You need to give the investigating officer some time to complete the report and submit it before it is available. 

You also cannot request a report online if you are an out-of-state license holder or if your crash occurred before March 22, 2012. In these situations, you must either mail your FR-50 request or take it to a DMV office.

Contact an Edgefield County Personal Injury Lawyer for Help Obtaining Your Accident Report

If you need to obtain a copy of your South Carolina collision report for any purpose, the SCDMV makes the process painless. These reports can provide you with significant information about your crash. Your personal injury attorney can also obtain the report on your behalf as they pursue your injury claim.

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