Augusta, Georgia, is a beautiful city, complete with an enriching culture and a strong sense of community. With that said, the area and its population are growing at an astonishing rate, which can lead to more crashes, injuries, and fatalities, given factors like more congested roadways. 

In a recent year, there were over 18,000 crashes in Augusta, GA, more than a third of which caused injuries. As a result, and as part of its efforts to reduce car accidents and keep people safe, the City of Augusta has installed dozens of red light cameras

Here’s everything you need to know about red light tickets and cameras in Augusta:

What Is a Red Light Camera?

A red light camera is one that faces an intersection and is equipped with a flash and motion sensor. The latter activates the camera if a car crosses the white stop bar after a light has turned red. Altogether, a red light camera is designed to capture the license plate of the vehicle that ran the light.

Once the red light camera captures a license plate, the picture is sent to city officials for review. They will determine whether someone ran the light or simply stopped a bit past the stop bar. Generally, they won’t issue a red light ticket unless a driver clearly and completely runs the light, but they have discretion, and decisions are made on a case-by-case basis.

Red light tickets are mailed to the address on the offending vehicle’s registration. If your registration address is incorrect, you probably won’t receive your ticket, but that means you’ll rack up some fines and other penalties on your driving record.

How Much Is a Red Light Ticket?

In Georgia, the fine that being caught on a red light camera imposes is worth $70. As it stands, that is much cheaper than red light tickets issued directly by law enforcement. If you are pulled over for running a red light, the officer can issue a ticket for up to $209.75

If you contest your ticket and win, it will be dismissed, and you won’t incur any fees. However, if you contest your ticket and lose, you could incur additional fees, such as the associated court costs.

Why Does the City of Augusta Use Red Light Cameras?

The City of Augusta and other jurisdictions in Georgia use red light cameras to catch violators and cut down on crashes at busy intersections. Any collision can cause injuries, but intersection crashes are especially dangerous as they generally involve a number of vehicles traveling in conflicting directions, which means the total speeds involved are higher.

How Do I Pay For My Red Light Ticket?

Simply searching online for a term like “pay ticket online in Augusta” will lead you in the direction of the website you need. Click on the payment portal, input your ticket information, and provide your payment details. Within minutes, you can pay for your ticket and obtain a confirmation number. 

Traffic Camera vs. Red Light Camera

Red light cameras capture still images of vehicles and license plates and are specifically designed for traffic enforcement purposes. 

Traffic cameras, on the other hand, provide traffic management personnel with real-time information about the flow of vehicles in busy areas. This information is then used to obtain insights about accidents, adjust the timing of traffic signals, and keep cars flowing through the beautiful streets of Augusta. 

Using a Red Light Camera To Your Benefit

No one wants to get a traffic ticket, but red light cameras are not intrinsically bad; in fact, they can actually be used to your benefit. 

If you are involved in an Augusta intersection crash, your accident attorney may use camera images to help determine what happened and fight for a better settlement. That said, camera information isn’t retained forever, so if you’ve been in a crash in Augusta, it’s best to act fast to protect your rights.

The best way to protect yourself as a Georgia driver is to avoid cell phone use entirely. If you end up in a crash while using your cell phone, you have a lot to lose. You should understand what’s at stake and consult a Georgia car accident lawyer immediately for advice on moving forward.

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